CM Furniture Design offer a special personalised service to each and every client. We visit you at your home so that we can record a full inventory of your requirements, taking into account all the design elements that you'd like to incorporate into your unique piece. It is at this stage that colours, materials and the overall look of your piece is determined. All aspects of the room are recorded just incase there are major changes throughout the design process. 





After your Free Onsite Consultation we visualise your custom designed furniture piece with a 3D graphic drawing.  This gives you the opportunity to then make any necessary changes to ensure that you get perfect looking Furniture for your home.

Once your design has been finalised and the order has been confirmed, your furniture will be underway. We generally advise our clients that each piece of furniture will take 4-6 weeks depending on the detail and complexity. Finally, using our finest, extensively experienced Furniture Delivery Personnel we will 



CM Furniture Design offers a free consultation. We visit you onsite to measure and help custom design a piece of furniture that suits your space and style. We will show you through the variety of Solid Timber Stains, Laminates and Timber Veneers we have available so that you can choose the colour and finish of your unique piece of furniture. 







Furniture for your home can be specifically designed to fit into any space. It can be extremely challenging to find furniture that will suit your home or fit into an awkward space. We can help you design furniture for your Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom or Home Office


A variety of materials such as Solid Timbers, Laminates and Timber Veneers are available in a broad range of colours and styles. Colour matching to a piece of furniture you may have in your home already is also possible. The quality of our furniture ensures you will embrace it for many years to come. 


It is our passion to provide high quality customised furniture coupled with an excellent customer experience to all of our clients. 


Please contact us for more information or to book in your obligation free Consultation. 

Our 3D Drawings will help you to visualise your design